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Exploring Touristic Ontario


When it comes to discovering new places, you should think about Ontario, the beautiful province of Canada. It has numerous forests, deep lakes, and spectacular wild nature.

However, it might be not enough to visit Ontario only once.

Here one can find famous attractions as Bruce Peninsula National Park, Niagara Falls, Greater Sudbury.Check out our list of the most beautiful parts of Ontario, which you have to visit with your camera and make amazing pictures.

1. Niagara Falls

One should visit the greatest Niagara Falls no matter is you go to Ontario or not. It is situated in southeastern Ontario and it is worth spending the whole day here, wandering around. There are numerous ways to enjoy the view and power of the Niagara Falls and one of them is to book a place in underground observation rooms.

2. Ottawa and Rideau Canal

When you think about Ontario, the first thing which comes to mind is the capital of Canada, Ottawa. Located in southeast Ontario, the city is full of amazing places to visit, but we’d like to mention the Rideau Canal first on the list. You can take a boat tour and see all Ottawa directly from the water. Moreover, the canal has a long history and today it is protected by UNESCO. This canal is great in both winter and summer time: while in summer you can take your time, enjoying boat ride, in winter it turns into a huge skating rink.

3. Thousand Islands

A magnificent place of small and large islands form a huge archipelago which occupies territory of Canada and the United States. The area along the St.Lawrence River is great for hiking and taking amazing photos. If you go a bit further from the touristic routes, you can find nice islands housing old forts. This place can show you Canada, which you have never seen before.

4. Cheltenham Badlands

Unexpected to find just not far from Toronto, Cheltenham Badlands are a must to see for those, who like to visit unusual places. The soil is totally red because of the natural erosion happened back in 1930s. Today this place is popular with tourists as it resembles either Martian landscapes or Australian Outback.

5. Merrickville

Merrickville is a tiny village, which is famous for its beautiful vintage buildings of Victorian heritage. Here you can also find the Rideau Canal, running through it and creating nice evenings views. Taking a visit in such authentic place can be a great escape from modernity and a flash back to calm village life.

6. Toronto and Fairmont Royal York Hotel

Toronto is a must if you visit Ontario and one of the numerous places in Toronto to see is Fairmont Royal York Hotel, one of the favourite hotels of Queen Elizabeth II and celebrities. It was built back in 1929 and it is amazing with its architecture and exquisite style.

7. Kingstone

If you are interested in old architecture and history then put a small city of Kingston on your travel plan. It is situated between Montreal and Toronto near the Lake Ontario. It was built back in 1670s as a French trading city. And since then, many historic buildings can be found here: Parkview house, Westbourne Terrace, etc. One should mention, that Kingstone has numerous museums, art galleries, and historical places.

8. Casa Loma

Continuing our list of the most interesting places, we focus on amazing historic castle situated in Toronto. It is dated back to Edwardian times and it represents a real medieval castle: huge ornamental structure surrounded by decorative flora. As a real full-size castle, it can show numerous rooms and secret passageways. For the photographer it can be a great opportunity to practice medieval shooting.

9. Greater Sudbury

Located in northeast of Ontario, Greater Sudbury is famous for its numerous lakes. There are 330 lakes with the largest called Lake Wanapitei. This municipality is one of the largest in province and it offers a large number of attractions and leisure facilities. Here you can easily rent a bike and go exploring the nearby areas. It can be a great place to escape for day or even for a couple of them.

10. Lake Erie

The last but far not the least in our attractions list is the beautiful Lake Erie, which is popular as one of the Great Lakes located in North America. It is popular with tourists, as it offers numerous ways in spending your free time: from walking along lake shores to diving into deep waters.

Ontario is never enough

This is what you understand, when you will visit these places. Wild untouched nature combined with historical building rich in culture. Here you can find all you need and you never know, what opportunities each new place can offer to you. Just take your time and enjoy it in the beautiful land of Ontario!