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Touristic Attractions in Ontario


Ontario is a one of the provinces of Canada, which is popular for its beautiful authentic nature, crystal clear lakes, and lots of amazing attractions.

Explore Ontario in different ways: beautiful national parks, numerous festivals, and amazing architecture.
All these inspiration motives you can easily find in Ontario, just take a look at the list of great places to know.

Preparing a plan

As Canada’s province is simply huge - it is 15 times more than Texas - it is worth making a small plan in order to see all what you want. Basically, it is important to follow these easy steps while preparing your plan.Step 1
First of all, estimate your time. Is it a day escape, or a week tour? During one day it is possible to try exploring several places, while a week-tour gives you a large variety of options to choose from.

Step 2
Think about the way you want to spend your time. Do you want to spend time actively, like hiking, or in a minimalistic way, by wandering around with your camera?

Step 3
Considering your basic needs, you can now pass to the most interesting part and choose the activities and places, which suit your mood, time, and budget.

TIP To Remember

Ontario is beautiful in any season. During summer days, it is worth doing a number of cool activities:
  • Seeing numerous museums, exhibitions, and galleries;
  • Spending time at amusement parks and festivals;
  • Taking time at lakeside resorts;
  • Camping in the parks.
Whereas, winter time is also worth spending in Ontario and it can offer a number of great activities:
  • Enjoying skiing and snowboarding;
  • Visiting winter festivals;
  • Dining out in authentic restaurants;
  • Shopping
Ontario can provide with whatever you might be interested in. Check out our list of touristic attractions and enjoy your time in one of the most beautiful Canada’s provinces.


Niagara Falls
The most known natural attraction is located in Ontario. It can be easily reached from Ontario. You can either take a day tour or spend 2 hours to reach it by car. From Toronto. Many tourists visit it annually and it is a must to have a picture from this place. Niagara Falls is made up by several falls, each of them is distinguished by amazing views. This attraction is easy to reach, as it is situated right in the city of Niagara Falls. One can spend whole day exploring this area. For those who like risky adventures, it is worth trying touristic strip, which has spectacular views.

National Parks

There are numerous national and provincial parks. Depending on the part of Ontarion, you can easily choose one for you and perform a number of activities like hiking, walking, jogging, and even canoeing. One of the most famous part of the southern parts is Algonquin Provincial Park. Another nice park which is full of history is Lake Superior Provincial Park. The Northern part of Ontario is popular with Quentico Provincial Park. It is a perfect place for those who like fishing and canoe trips.


One of the best places to visit in summer is Muskoka or Cottage Country. It is situated in the north of Toronto, just in two-three hours driving from the city. This is a calm place popular with locals, who want to rent cottages short-term or long-term. This place is named after a Lake Muskoka, which you can explore with a short cruise or group tour.


Toronto International Film FestivalKnown as TIFF, this festival attracts many tourists from all over the world. It lasts for 10 days and is held in Toronto. What is more, the time of the festival is usually one of the most pleasant period of the year: the weather is hot, streets are full of people, and the parties are held all over nights. If you like to be surrounded by many people, it is definitely a place to be.

Stratford Festival

Stratford city is famous for its annual summer festival. It is located 60 kilometres to the north of London, Ontario. Stratford Festival is popular for seasonal theatre events, attracting theatre lovers. It is held between May and October and it is one of the oldest festivals.


National Gallery of CanadaNational Gallery is located in Ottawa and it has some unique collections of Canadian artists. Whereas the building itself is constructed in ultra-modern style. If you are fond of architecture photography, you should definitely visit this beautiful place.

CN Tower in Toronto

If you are fond of city attraction views, the first thing to see is definitely a CN Tower. It is 553 meters tall and it is amazing at night with artificial lights. If you want to have the full experience, you should take a tower-tour with a visit of observation deck. The view is spectacular, showing the whole city and a part of Ontario lake.

Royal Ontario Museum

Another touristic spot in Toronto is Royal Ontario Museum. Known as ROM, it is visited by millions of tourists every year. It represents various collections of art from historical ones to purely scientific

Enjoy the beauties of Ontario

It is important to prepare a good plan for your trip, because Canada is full of wonders, and the province of Canada, Ontario will amaze you from the first sight. Calculate your time, make a detailed plan or simply rent a car and go exploring authentic nature.