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Best Ontario Beaches

TOP 5 Beaches To Visit In Ontario

Ontario is well known for its amazing beaches which can easily steal not only your heart, but also body and soul. 

Ontario is surrounded with lakes and other sources with crystal clear water.

You might be surprised to find some places which look like Caribbean with long sandy beaches. So get ready: pick up your towel, swimming costume, and windsurfing kit and chose the best place to spend your leisure time.

The Grotto and Georgian Bay

First place in our long list is Lake Huron and its stunning Georgian Bay, located in Bruce Peninsula National Park. Once you arrive here, you won’t believe you are still in Ontario - blue-green water with white cliffs look like Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Another great place is so-called the Grotto. It is a small cave just near the park entrance. There are many activities to go: starting from picnicking and walking to camping. This place is ideal to Visti not only warm summer days, but also to visit in spring in fall.

Sugar Beach in Toronto

Next place on our beach list is located just in the beautiful city of Toronto. It is situated on Lake Ontario and it is a great solution for those who want to spend their time not far from the city. Sugar beach is usually described as industrial-chic leisure spot. You will fall in love not only with clear white sand shore line, but also with aesthetic area with breathtaking view of downtown skyline. Here you can do whatever you like: read a book, organise picnic with friends, play with mini fountains… Just visit Sugar Beach once and you will find the reason to come back here again and again.

Cobourg Beach

Another spot to consider if you miss calm relaxing atmosphere is Cobourg Beach. Many people consider it one of the best places within a few hour reach from Toronto. Once you arrive there, you will be amazed by the huge beach opening in front of your eyes. Soft sand and endless coastline will help to relax from city rush and to make a perfect change. Cobourg Beach is known not only as a place for calm walks and meditations, it turns into a fun spot during summer months. A number of festivals are held here. One of the most famous festivals - Sandcastle Festival attracts a lot of creative and talented people every year.

Port Dover Beach on Lake Erie

Miss palm trees? Then think about visiting Port Dover located on Lake Erie, which is situated on the most southern part of the province of Ontario. That’s why the water here is not only clean, it is rather warm. The lake is large and you can wander around to discover the diverse coastline. This place is popular with those, who consider spending a 2-3 day weekend outside the city. Port Dover Beach has everything you need: from calm sandy beaches to small cafes and bars.

Sauble Beach on Lake Huron

Another nice sport idea for weekend escape is Sauble Beach, which is widely known to be the world’s second largest freshwater beach. It is located in Bruce County and it offers a wide number of activities, that’s why it is worth coming here to spend a full weekend or even more. Amusement part, surfing, even canoeing - and it is just a few things to do on Lake Huron. If you need a more quite beach, Sauble Beach probably would not be the best option, as it also attracts many tourists curious to discover all fun options.

Discover Ontario Beaches

What can be better than walking along the desert coastline listening to the relaxing sound  crushing waves or spend time in a nice bar overlooking a beautiful sunset? Sometimes it is enough just to make up your mind and choose one of the beaches you like, as there are plenty of them in Ontario.

Depending on your time, you can either take a long drive and reach some deserted beach on the outskirts of Ontario or go to the nearest one within the city of Toronto.