How to prepare to rooftop proposal


Proposal is an important step in every relationship. How do you want to make it? Do you want to make it memorable? Do you want to impress your partner? Do you want to speak about your love and attitude? One of the best ways is to organize a proposal on beautiful rooftop.

Especially it is amazing in New York, where you can find impressive views.

Keep in mind some tips if you want to create a really unforgettable proposal.

1. Create Idea

It all starts with your idea. No matter how much money or time you want to spend on your proposal, basically, it is the idea that matters. It is your idea, which will make the main affect. That’s why it is important to switch on your imagination and memory. Think about your mate and answer these questions:

•Where did you first meet?

•What unites you both together?

•What is his/her favourite thing about you and your couple?

These small notes will help you to prepare your proposal in the right atmosphere.

2. Make Plan

After realizing, what you want to say and how you want to present yourself, it is time to move on and to write a short plan. Estimate your budget, time, and realise what preparation you need. Already on this step, it is better to turn to the professional proposal organisers, or hire a photographer who already knows how to work with this topic.

3. Find Place

There are many rooftops which has amazing views and are perfect for such situations. However, you should speak with the responsible manager to discuss the availability and security issues. You need to be sure that the place will be guaranteed for you two. It is worth discussing the situation in general: the place might be open to public and in this case you risk to have other people interfere with the whole process. If you want to be 100% sure, you can rent a private rooftop and organize it in the style you need.

4. Think About Details

When the situation with roof is solved, you need to carry about the details like furniture, decorations, and small elements like candles. You need to take them in advance to the rooftop and organize them as you need. When we work on the rooftop organization, we pay attention that it is clean and looks nice.

5. Make It Different

The beauty of the view matters, but consider that it is important to make this place different. Skyscrapers will definitely inspire your partner, but make everything look fantastic, using different decorations. Gigantic “Marry Me” sign or big hearts usually impress and looks good on the pictures.

6. Think About Invitation

As it is meant to be a surprise, create a legend of meeting with friends or relatives, so that your partner will be dressed nicely. Prepare beforehand and try to keep it in secret.

7. Professional Photographer

When the organizational part is done, it is time to think about professional reliable photographer. It is important to know the peculiarities of this magnificent process and to be ready to capture every emotion, as this will be your sweet memories. We know how to deal with this delicate process and take the picture both before the proposal and in the very moment of it. Be sure to get the best photos.

Time To Say Marry Me

It might sound a bit complicated, but it is definitely worth it! Turn to us and we can suggest you the best location, help with logistics and organisation, saving your time. And in terms of photography you can rely on us - as we are professionals in this sphere.

Thanks for professional rooftop proposal team from new york for helping us.