Ontario Science Centre

The Ontario Science Centre in Toronto is one of the city's many museums. But this is not just a Museum, it is a real huge world of technology, science and innovation. His visit will allow you to get as deep as possible into the geographical, biological facts, to understand the principle of operation of various technical devices and in an absolutely accessible form to know the essence of various phenomena of our everyday life.
More than 800 exhibitions on various subjects are organized for visitors of the Ontario Science Centre. Here everyone can participate in experiments. After all, everything can be experienced and touched. Especially this place will like the little ones. Children will be delighted
with everything they see.
In the halls of the Ontario Science Centre you can walk for hours, with the help of bright exhibits delving into physics, botany, chemistry, anatomy, physiology and other Sciences. Very detailed and colorful Museum of Science reveals the theme of space, there is even its own planetarium with unique samples of lunar and Martian rocks. As the end of an entertaining tour of the halls of the Ontario Science Centre, you can go to the innovative omnimax cinema to enjoy fantastic effects while watching all sorts of movies.