Old Woman Bay

At the Northern end of lake superior Provincial Park is old woman's Cove. If you are going North from Sault Ste. Marie or South of Vava, it always requires attention on arrival. With proximity and affordable Parking for everyone, it makes a great place for a day trip along the Superior. There are no campsites in this area of the Park, and the Rabbit Blanket Lake Campground is located nearby.
A long sandy beach populated by driftwood surrounds you with the true beauty of Algoma in old woman's Bay. Looking at the horizon, the old woman's face can be seen within 200 meters of the rocks on the left. Horseshoe Bay faces the main body of the Superior to the North, leading you to the entrance island. With easy access, old woman's Cove makes for a great place all year round for picnics, sightseeing, fishing, even swimming, if you don't mind the cold!
Fort William historic Park

Old Woman Bay is one of those rare places that make you truly admire the beauty of nature. Here you will find incredible landscapes, two-hundred-meter cliffs and amazing views of the lake. Many people come here for the whole day to go Hiking in such a wonderful area or just relax on the white sand beach
How to get

The main route of the TRANS-Canada highway – highway 17, passes through the town, while the main city is located on highway 101, two kilometers East of the intersection with highway 17. A transit system for responding to calls/requests has been in operation since February 2006. The service is provided by a single bus that can accommodate 12 passengers plus up to two wheelchairs.