Niagara falls

Niagara falls
Niagara falls does not have any official title of "most-most", but still it is the most famous in the world. Not everyone knows what it looks like, and not everyone is interested in where it is. But everyone knows from childhood about a wonderful place where crystal clear water endlessly falls from an unprecedented height and amazes everyone around.
In fact, there are three waterfalls: "Horseshoe" (height 51 m), "Bridal Veil" and "American waterfall" (height 21 meters, because at the foot of the piled stones). The last two are located on the territory of America, and the first – Canada, so its second name is "Canadian waterfall".

American falls, as you can see, at its foot piled stones, it reduces erosion.

We will not delve into the history of education in detail, but we need to clarify that this happened at the end of the ice age, the glacier began to melt and drag somewhere, crushing under itself the stones, the soil and changing the surface of the earth.
How to visit Niagara falls?

Two ways to see Niagara falls:
1. Visit Niagara falls on the American side.
Spectacular view of the waterfall from the USA.
It is located in Niagara Falls, NY.
It is easily accessible by AMTRACK train, the schedule, prices and directions can be found on the official website of THE company.

Or on Greyhound buses with a transfer to Buffalo, schedule, direction and prices at the link. They stop in front of the Quality Hotel & Suites At Niagara Falls (free coffee is served in the lobby) and next to the Official Visitor Center.
Or by any means of transportation to Buffalo, and from there by public transportation to Niagara falls, NY.

The most convenient bus number 40, goes often and regularly. The fare is $ 2. It's better to get off at the Visitor Center Niagara Falls stop. Download the detailed route and schedule of the bus number 40 here. Or on the website: route 40
There is also route 50, but it goes to Niagara Transit Center. I couldn't figure out where it was. Schedule and route here.

The Official Visitor Center will tell you all the necessary information about entertainment at the waterfall and prices. Also, it is convenient to leave bags and backpacks for storage, absolutely free, you just need to ask. We were happy to leave all the things and went to enjoy the views light.

2. On the Canadian side.

Much more beautiful is Niagara falls on the canadian side. Perfectly visible "bride's veil" and "American waterfall" and only this side is clearly visible "Horseshoe".

You can get here by driving to the city of Niagara Falls, Ontario (ON) Canada, which is near Toronto, or by crossing the "Rainbow bridge" (Rainbow bridge) on the American side. In both cases, an open canadian visa is required.

Rainbow bridge, which can be used to go to Canada and back.
How much does it cost to visit Niagara falls?

The entrance to the waterfall is free, there are several areas where you can enjoy a beautiful view. There are paid entertainment, I will describe them in more detail below.

Several observation decks. I see 4.

Where to rent a hotel to see Niagara falls?

The cheapest option is to rent a hotel or room on Airnbnb in Buffalo and drive from there to Niagara falls.

If the budget allows, it is more convenient to stay in one of the beautiful hotels in Niagara falls (Niagara Falls). So you can relax after the road and full of energy to go to see the waterfall, as well as go to the waterfall in the evening and admire it with lights.

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The most popular option for budget travelers, do not stay overnight in Buffalo (Buffalo) or Niagara falls (Niagara Falls). Usually everyone comes in the morning and leaves in the evening or at night.