MarineLand is another hot weather theme Park in Ontario. Not far from Niagara falls, it's an easy day trip from Toronto.

No less interesting performances are held in the "Arctic Cove" pools. Giant killer whales obediently follow the commands of trainers, and small Beluga whales swim to the very sides of the pool.
In addition to pools with marine animals, there are enclosures with spotted deer and bison; a large aviary with a pond where bears live; and a small lake where you can feed ducks and fish.

The Park also has a wide variety of marine-themed rides and swings, and its proximity to Niagara falls makes it one of the best parks. Many attractions will bring great pleasure to adults and children: from small, bright carousels for toddlers to an impressive Sky Screamer for teenagers and parents. The Park has a Ferris wheel; carousels designed as a space Shuttle and a Viking flying ship, bees, beetles, and dragons.
For the most daring, we offer the Sky Screamer attraction, which is located on a high hill, which also adds to its height, and for those who decide to ride, it is a thrill. The attraction will lift you up to 137.2 meters above the ground and let you admire the surrounding landscape, bring you down at a speed of 96 km / h. for kids, so as not to offend, there is an analogue of Sky Screamer — Orca Screamer.
On the territory of the Park there are restaurants where you can have a cheap snack and treat children to a real canadian hot dog or pizza. Well, if you brought a picnic basket with sandwiches prepared at home-no problem-not in the Park, there is a picnic area ( with tables) - where you can retire with your family and have a snack to continue an exciting journey through MarineLand.
In the souvenir shops located on the territory of the Park-everyone can buy a souvenir in memory of this amazing trip to MarineLand.

The performances are very exciting and interesting. The water Park is ideal for families with children.

The ticket gives you the opportunity to see such attractions as: Orca Screamer, Bumble Bee, Ocean Odyssey, Sky Screamer Dragon Mountain Roller Coaster – these and many other exciting attractions are waiting for you.
The average cost of an entrance ticket is$50