Winter Festival of Lights

Winter Festival of Lights in Niagara Falls is known for its unique entertainment, which gave this event popularity among many fans of winter holidays
During this magical festival, Niagara Falls miraculously turns into a true winter fairy tale! More than three million sparkling light bulbs adorn a tourist route that is as long as five kilometers. Naturally, the festival impresses not only with its visual design, but also with its program, which includes numerous entertainment, water parks, casinos, etc. it is not Surprising that visiting this festival has already become a good tradition for more than one million tourists from all over the world!
The winter festival of Light is a traditional celebration in Niagara, one of the most impressive and popular events of the year. This is the largest such event in Canada, consisting of a series of different spectacles and events, taking place both outdoors around the waterfall, and in the surrounding casinos, hotels, entertainment complexes and other places.
The main feature of the festival is the light installation Winter Wonderland Displays, which includes 120 luminous figures made up of three million light bulbs, which can be seen for almost six kilometers along the falls and the Niagara river, as well as in different parts of the city. Among them, special attention is drawn to the "living" figures of the heroes of popular fairy tales; a huge double flag of Canada and the United States, symbolizing two centuries of friendship and cooperation of neighboring countries; and a light fountain Zimmerman Fountain. The main event of the festival is the new year's eve celebration, which is attended by at least 40 thousand people.
As a result, Winter Festival of Lights was included in the list of one hundred most famous international events in North America.
Come and see for yourself that this is really deserved!

Date: February 21-22.

Location: Bloor-Yorkville.