Casa Loma

Casa Loma-castle built in the neo-Gothic style and built at the beginning of the last century in the South of Canada, Toronto. It translates as the house on the hill (from Spanish). Ornate Palace with towers, stands on one of the hills of the city. Aesthetic forms and luxurious decor-create the feeling that this castle was transferred to our time directly from medieval Europe.
In our time, the castle is a Museum open to all travelers who came to Toronto. Weddings, private parties and other events are all open in this Museum. The situation of the castle is unique in its own way, and this is why it was to the taste of film Directors, here they often make films and TV series.

Today, tourists can visit 98 rooms in order to appreciate and feel the Gothic and its strict beauty. All life support systems are also present in the castle, they existed at the beginning of the last century.
The decoration of the castle was a huge organ, two stories high in the house. Also in the castle there is a beautifully decorated library consisting of 10,000 books, a gallery of works by canadian artists, numerous collections of rifles. The stable building housed an exhibition of photographs. The observation deck has become particularly popular, with a beautiful view of the city streets and the expanses of lake Ontario.
The castle is open daily from 9: 00 to 17: 00 for visitors. Keep in mind that the ticket office closes an hour earlier. From April to October, tourists can visit the garden Park, where live music concerts are regularly held. The castle also has a restaurant and gift shop.