Ontario Beaches

Wasaga-Beach — the most famous in Ontario and the world's longest freshwater beach, stretching along the Bay of lake Huron.

The shore and bottom are dotted with white and fine sand; the water is fresh, clear, and clear. The infrastructure is well developed: there are a variety of cozy cafes and restaurants on the coast, and there are convenient hotels. A room with a Parking space and everything you need will cost $ 60 - $ 70. Get to the resort by bus, taxi, private car, transfer.
Every year, millions of tourists from all over the world come to Wasaga beach. There is enough entertainment: in summer, people ride bicycles, longboards, and roller skates along the beach; in winter, they go skiing, Snowmobiling, and go fishing. Rental points provide water scooters, boats for rent. Parallel to the coastline is an asphalt road-a promenade for walking with numerous attractions, shops, and bars. Next to Wasaga Beach is the Georgian Bay national Park, near the famous Niagara falls.
Sugar Beach
Sugar Beach, located in the canadian city of Toronto, opposite the sugar factory, was opened in 2010 and is considered a place for relaxation and relaxation. There are no swimming areas, but all conditions are created for a great time: pedestrian paths paved with three-color paving stones, symbolizing the canadian flag, sun loungers and benches with umbrellas on the beach with clean white sand, cozy cafes.

Concerts and various social events are held in the rocky amphitheatre at the triangular Sugar Beach. Since 2011, a film festival has been held on the beach, especially for which a huge screen is inflated on a barge in front of the beach
Grand Bend Beach
Grand Bend Beach is a city beach that is located in the city of Grand Bend

The beach is sandy, clean, and snow-white. The water in lake Huron is clear and warm in summer. Hotels, apartments, hostels with expensive and budget rooms are available for rent on the coast. The resort is suitable for families, with children, in the company and with a loved one.

Kids like to spend time at equipped fountains, on playgrounds, in water parks. On the way to the coast, the tourist passes many cafes, restaurants, shops with fast food, ice cream and other delicious drinks and dishes.
The infrastructure is well developed, there is everything you need for a comfortable stay: showers, toilets, changing rooms, buoys in the water, paid Parking, as well as volleyball courts, where Amateurs regularly compete in friendly matches. There are umbrellas and sun loungers on the beach, and lifeguards are working. Young people go to parties and beach discos in the evenings. Vacationers will also find shops, souvenir shops and kiosks with soft drinks and delicious snacks on the beach.

A local attraction is the yacht club with a Marina and a nearby lighthouse. Extreme and active travelers rent jet skis. The resort is located near the city – it is always crowded. Most of the tourists are local residents, many come from other regions of the country.
Hanlan's Point
The beach is visually divided into two parts: one for those who like to sunbathe without clothes, the other for more modest vacationers. The beach is crowded, most of the tourists are nudists. The coastline and bottom are sandy. There is no garbage, everything is clean and well-groomed. The water is clean and warm. The tourist season lasts from June to September, and the rest of the year is cool. The beach is shallow, lowering the bottom is smooth. You need to go a considerable distance to the depth. Most of the coastline is rocky, which creates an inconvenience when entering the water. There are small colonies of algae.
Get to the island by ferry, which runs daily on the route. Go no longer than 15 minutes. Latecomers can use the water taxi service.

The infrastructure of the beach is well developed: there are playgrounds for sports, volleyball, cooking on the barbecue. Feature-nudist theater and stunning views of nature, lake. Lovers of parties and night club life with the sunset go to beach parties. There are boats with dancers who hold a disco on the water. For vacationers, a snack bar is open daily, there are showers and toilets. Hanlans point has a great landscape, a spectacular sunset, clear water and a good beach
When is it best to go
In most of Canada, the climate is mild and temperate, while in the North it is subarctic. The average temperature in July is +21 degrees in the South and up to -4 in the Arctic archipelago.
Winters are cold – in the South +4 degrees, in the North -35. Precipitation up to 1250 mm per year in the North and up to 2500 on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. Sharp frequent change in atmospheric pressure. It's never hot in the country.
On the Atlantic coast, the weather is unstable-warm in summer, storms in winter, and snowfall. The best time to relax in Canada is in the summer months.